Initially the Department, namely Public Works Department (PWD), consisted of Irrigation Department, Building Department, Roads Department and Public Health Engineering Department. With the passage of time these Departments started parting ways from each other and become totally independent with separate budget and name. Before early 60's, Building and Road Department (B&R) was one Department later on it was bifurcated in two Departments, each one was headed by Separate Chief Engineer under Secretary, C&W Department. After Devolution in 2001, Communication & Works Department was renamed as Works & Services Department.


Highways Department

Sindh Highways Department is responsible for construction and maintenance of the entire provincial roads network. At the time of independence Sindh inherited only about 1039 KMS of blacktopped roads, mostly 9 ft. to 12 ft. in width. The only major road at that time was the National Highway running from Karachi to Reti, bordering on Punjab having length of 664 kms. The roads then used to be constructed on the basis of stage construction.Today the total road network in Sindh including federal roads, though more than 55000 KMS in length, still seems too lean when compared with the minimum requirement of 1KM/ i.e; 140,900 KMS.










Buildings Department

Buildings Department, headed by Chief Engineer (Building) is responsible for construction and maintenance of buildings including allied services for all the Departments of Sindh Government. Similarly the work plan for maintenance of buildings is prepared in consultation with the Administrative Department/user and items of work executed and paid after getting a certificate from them.


To develop and implement a well conceived roads’ strategy that is focused and geared towards achieving the ‘Sectoral’ objectives.


To transform the concept of roads from ‘Infrastructure’ to ‘Service to People’


Works & Services Department, Government of Sindh is responsible for providing services in the form of road network and building facilities for various departments of Government of Sindh. Its main objective span around planning, designing, construction and maintenance of Roads/Highways and Buildings of the Province.

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